BAKERS LOOKOUT dominant estate and associated grounds

1740 home of Master, Peter Studebaker


These qualified individuals certified this history


that certified this history


1.         Albert R. Erskin

Expert in Studebaker early history, and President of Studebaker Corporation 1915 - 1932 (17 years). Erskin’s research certified that Peter Studebaker’s trade was making wagons and that Peter’s trade was the foundation of the family fortune and the Studebaker Corporation. Board members, CPA’s, family, friends, attorneys and accountants verified Erskin’s book as part of the 1918 annual report.


2.         Eugene Studebaker Weirbach 1969

Certified Genealogist, by the Institute of American Genealogy, October 10, 1939.

Wrote and published over 25 manuscripts. 50 + years he researched Studebaker, his mother’s family.  Gene was a charter board member, original member or founder, of the prestigious Studebaker Family National Association.  He was at Bakers Lookout, certified the location of Bakers Lookout cemetery. Certified Bakers Lookout being used as a Landmark. He wrote about Peter Studebaker’s line and the descendants carrying on the family trade tradition.


The discovery of new history must always be proven to the satisfaction of skeptics. So for those of you who want to know how we came up with our facts, to your left are some of the experts that we were fortunate enough to share their wisdom.

Please view (left) those expert individuals that certified this history.

3.         Harvey Laurence Long

Attorney, MA, BA, JD, Writer and Researcher, certified title search on Bakers Lookout, and certified who was buried at Bakers Lookout. He viewed and referenced John Long’s Bible and wrote about the entries, and proved the age of Bakers Lookout the plantation home of Peter Studebaker. He listed those buried at Bakers Lookout cemetery that he could document from the Long family bible.

            Wrote a book about the genealogy of the Long Family and their connection with Studebaker.  He was at Bakers Lookout and in 1968 he certified the location of the cemetery. HARVEY LONG documented the cemetery

1968 Headstones were 8 yards from house (took photos then)

1971 Headstones still stood in shade of mobile home

1974 New excavation (McGuire house) west of farmyard entrance

1977 June, headstones gone, land scraped free of trees

Harvey took pictures of Bakers Lookout in 1968 with historian Connelly and returned again in 1977.


4.         Gordon M. Connelly

Certified Genealogist, Historian, book writer, Leedy Family History, Aug 14, 2004, Ankenytown OH. Gordon was at BAKERS LOOKOUT, editor and historian of the Leedy Family History. Leedy was a descendent family of Studebaker. He was at Bakers Lookout and certified the location of the cemetery. And he took pictures of the house in 1968 with Harvey Long.


5.         Donald Beachley

Donald Beachley and his wife Grace Beachley from Hagerstown, Maryland, assisted Harvey Long in certifying Baker’s Lookout’s deeds and title.  Grace was a descendant of Studebaker.


6.         Teri L. Magnante

Professional Contract Digital Archivist and Curator. For 16+ years, as an independent contractor, she developed the archiving system now in place for National Park Service publications. Her responsibilities included archiving every digital brochure for the United States National Parks and all digital Handbooks.

            Teri researched curated and archived the history of Bakers Lookout including utilizing deeds, documents, tax records, court records, and artifacts, she compiled all research, edited and completed the nomination for National Registry. Experience, leadership and wisdom make Teri a leading archivist and curator. Teri’s motto is “The impossible we do right away, miracles take just a little longer.” Teri is also a National award winning portrait artist.



Bakers Lookout’s history covers 270 years and several wars.

It is a jewel of previously unknown buried history.