Exhibits are evidence of the historical significance of 

Peter Studebaker

Exhibit A


Albert R. Erskine, History of the Studebaker Corporation, South Bend, Indiana, 1918.

Erskine was on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and the President for Studebaker Corporation in 1918. Below are pages 7 and 9 and 11 and 13 from "The History of the Studebaker Corporation," written by Albert Russel Erskine. This book and legal document contains the annual report to the stockholders in 1918.


In Albert Russel Erskine's official history, Peter Studebaker was credited with, "wagon-maker which trade later became, the foundation of the family fortune and the corporation which now bears the name".

It is important to understand than an annual report is a legal document meant to promote stocks for sale to the public.  All the officers and all board members had to sign off to approve the publication of this document. All were in agreement about the content of this publication. Here it is in black and white.