Studebaker Museum Factory


Help with our quest to share treasures of the past by recreating art and craftsmanship of Studebaker's ancestrial trade. In 1736, Peter Studebaker came to this country, as a master of the German Cutlery Guild where master craftsman and artist were considered national treasures. They made royalty products for Kings and Queens of Europe. We are restoring the original factory for research and development of “American Made” necessities and  products with the same trade secrets that made Peter Studebaker's trade the foundation of the family business and fortune for 270 years. Products that will last forever.


The Studebaker Factory has immediate opportunities for qualified metal forgers, wood workers, glass blowers, leather-workers, artists, sculptors, weavers, etc. We welcome artists, historians, writers, photographers, scholars, archaeologists.

If you are creative, we want to talk with you. 


Please call 240-313-9107